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"After six and half years of facing my injury alone, the Healing Brain Project is the first time I've been in a community of people who 'get it'. I'm so grateful to have found this community of inspiring and supportive women."


Member of Sept/Oct 2020 session


9/27/21 at 4pm

An important update about the future of Healing Brain Project - As founder and moderator of all HBP programming, I have made the difficult decision to indefinitely cancel all future support sessions. This decision was not an easy one for me, as I truly enjoy providing a platform for fellow TBI survivors to communicate with each other. Unfortunately, I cannot continue to lead these groups at this time due to the need to focus my time and energy on my own TBI recovery. I hope sometime in the future I can return to serving the brain injury community in some capacity once my mind and body are in a better place.


I have met so many wonderful and courageous people this past year leading these support groups. I was able to reach 30+ women who needed support during their TBI recovery, many of whom still keep in contact with their fellow HBP members to this day. I thank all of these past HBP members for participating and sharing your stories. I hope being a part of this group was helpful and made your healing journey a little less lonely.


Please feel free to reach out to me via message or email at healingbrainproject@gmail.com if I can be of any help or support to you. I would be happy to share any resources or advice that I have learned throughout this experience with you.


I wish you all continued healing and strength during your recovery. I hope this is not a goodbye forever, but just a “see you later” <3


~Katie Nows